History of The Daily Verse

The Daily Verse is a collection of scripture passages from the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible, along with short, simple and real-life commentary from author, Kat Davis . The Daily Verse has been a free online subscription available via thedailyverse.com since March of 1999 while Kat was completing a college internship at EMI Christian Music Group in Brentwood, Tennessee.

She had become friends with several of her fellow interns, and during an extensive study of Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby and Claude King, she felt drawn to share some encouragement with fellow student-colleagues on a daily basis.

Kat says, “It is my opinion that the study of God’s Word can often best be expressed and understood in the format of simple, practical application.” In that same spirit, The Daily Verse was started by Kat sending Scripture passages and some brief commentary to three student-colleagues. The internship coordinator at the company caught wind of it and asked to be put on the distribution list.

By word of mouth others at the company began expressing interest in receiving this daily encouragement, which at the time had no “title.” Being in the promotions field, Kat’s supervisor, Tiffany Thorpe, thought it wise to title or ‘brand’ what Kat was doing. Originally, it was going to be called Kat’s Korner, but to more clearly and simply signify what the recipients were receiving, she simply called it “The Daily Verse.” In April of 1999, Kat was hired at an EMI CMG-owned label, ForeFront Records, and continued The Daily Verse.

In September of 2001, only about two years before his passing, Kat’s father, Jim Davis, generously provided her with a home computer, from which she was able to send The Daily Verse, making it something that wasn’t being delivered from a work-address, seeing as the distribution list had grown to over 200 recipients! A dear friend, Josh Snyder, being one of Kat’s most web-savvy friends, offered to build a website entitled thedailyverse.com, which still, to this day, features updated daily encouragement from the Word accompanied by short, simple commentary based simply on Kat’s personal life experiences.

Kat shared, “It is my personal commitment to the recipients to keep the commentary short, as lengthy emails too easily become cumbersome and seemingly have less impact. Barring any technical difficulties, The Daily Verse is currently received by thousands of subscribers on each weekday before 9am CST and continues to be something that ministers to me personally, which I hope is reflected in the commentary. I am not a Bible scholar, but I do claim to know a very personable God, someone Who I desire for all mankind to know. If I can display how His Word ministers to me and it is something from which others derive encouragement and knowledge, then it is only because of His guiding my interpretation.”

After over 11 years of The Daily Verse being in existence, Kat and the team at her company, The Brown Book Agency, decided to compile a “best of the best” of The Daily Verse (so far) and self-publish the book released October 2010, entitled The Daily Verse: Volume 1. If you’re interested in pre-ordering a copy, you can visit The Daily Verse Store and if you’d like to contribute financially to the self-publishing of the book, donations can also be made at The Daily Verse Store.